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Our CSR Approach

As an organization built on passion, trust and ingenuity we are committed to actively create a brighter future for our employees, our communities, our customers and our stakeholders.

We have reached a key milestone with the launch of our CSR programs. With more ambitious environmental targets and concrete initiatives than ever before, our program sets goals for 2023 and beyond and is a testament to our commitment to being the industry leader in corporate citizenship

In each of our business solutions we develop solutions to forsee environmental changes and respond to evolving client needs, whether they are investors, companies, private or institutions. In doing so, we play a key role in urban transformation and put corporate social responsbility at the heart of our business.

Key figures


of our employees are proud to work for the company


families have received support from Misfort Tax Consultancy since 2015


CSR Events have been held at our premises since the launch of the Program


trash bins have been installed to help with community sanitation


1. Roundabout Maintenance

As Misfort Tax Consultancy we have taken a step to assist the council and the community by maintaining the SPCA roundabout along airport road and George drive. This gesture is to cater for motorist who use the intersection to be able to notice the roundabout through availability of visible reflectors.
We seek to improve and beautify the roundabout in support of the Harare city council vision “World Class City Status by 2025.” Some of the work we have done so far is illustrated by the pictures.

Beyond tax services provision we strive to meet our community needs and also look after our environment. As Misfort we believe that we make a living with what we receive, but we make life by what we give.

2. Funding of the Widows

In 2015 our Chairman, Mr. Peter Gurumani had a warm heart towards a margin of those that have been left behind by their husbands (breadwinners) and provided support. Since then MTC has provided them with support on monthly basis. They have become an extended family included in MTC yearly budget. More than 20 families have benefited monthly from this programme and more will benefit as we grow.

3. Environment Look Out.

As we ought to conserve the environment, in support of zero tolerance to litter, we have at least provided several bins to various places in Harare in conjunction with the city of Harare. We have engaged in clean-up campaigns. A clean environment ensures a healthy society.

4. Breast cancer awareness Campaign

Cancer in general is a major public health problem in our country and worldwide because of its fatality and tendency toward increased death.

The month of October has been set aside to  educate the public and provide information about Breast Cancer, the world over.  Awareness surrounding breast cancer is incredibly important as  early detection can save lives.

Misfort Tax Consultancy team took part in the Pink Month and organised a Part in Pink Funrun on the 29th of October. This was done to spread  awareness of breast cancer to  every individual in Zimbabwe and the community in Hatfield.

The event was a success as the community came through and participated in the Funrun and breast cancer screening which was offered.

A team from Mbuya Dorcas Hospital also came to explain more on myths surrounding breast cancer, answer questions and also screen participants to the funrun for breast cancer

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