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Creating Value Through Corporate Social Responsibility

We are constantly innovating to deepen the impact of our Corporate Social Responsibility efforts and exploring new ways to address our community’s everyday problems.

Beyond tax services provision we strive to meet our community needs and also look after our environment. As Misfort we believe that we make a living with what we receive, but we make life by what we give.

1. Funding of the Widows

In 2015 our Chairman, Mr. Peter Gurumani had a warm heart towards a margin of those that have been left behind by their husbands (breadwinners) and provided support. Since then MTC has provided them with support on monthly basis. They have become an extended family included in MTC yearly budget. More than 20 families have benefited monthly from this programme and more will benefit as we grow.

2. Environment Look Out.

As we ought to conserve the environment, in support of zero tolerance to litter, we have at least provided more than 5 bins to various places in Harare in conjunction with the city of Harare. We have engaged in clean-up campaigns. A clean environment ensures a healthy society.